Pond Expansion & Stabilization Project 

Project: Miller Tree Farms Pond

Owner: Tommy Miller
Contact: Tommy Miller
Phone: 1-336-287-9753

     The owner on this project had a pond that was already in place. However, the pond was not large enough or deep enough to suit his needs. Over years of weather, the banks around the edges were eroding away leaving the dam area unstable. There was also a very steep bank adjacent to one side of the pond.
     JMC increased the pond size by 1/3 and increased the depth from 11 feet to 24 feet. In order to control erosion to pond edges, concrete retaining wall blocks were utilized. This also simplified maintenance since the owner can now mow all the way to the edge of the pond. We removed approximately 15,000 CY of dirt from the bank adjacent to the pond changing the slope from a 1:1 to a 3:1 making it easily maintainable.