Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization Project

Project: Retaining Wall
Owner: Stan Eurie
Contact: Stan Eurie
Phone: 1-910-639-7946

     This project was completed for a residential customer. His house had been built for approximately three years when the entire back yard slid away down towards the river below.

     JMC excavated the fill area below the house and installed a retaining wall to stabilize the area and increase the usable space behind the house.

     The wall (125?L X 17?H) was constructed using concrete blocks weighing approximately one ton each. They are stamped on the face to have the appearance of rock veneering to compliment the rustic home setting. The wall is tied into the bank with a run of geogrid in each layer of block. It is backfilled with four feet of washed stone vertically placed behind the wall to help eliminate hydrostatic pressure.